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Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews publications operate as a high quality filter, prioritizing and synthesizing the primary research literature in 37 different disciplines for the Biomedical, Life, Physical and Social Sciences.

Bioline International
Subjects covered: public health, international development, tropical medicine, food and nutritional security and biodiversity.

DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books)

It is a global registry of research data repositories that covers research data repositories from different academic disciplines.

Ebook Central

Ebook Central is an online digital library of full texts of over 17,000 scholarly e-books. It is an online database collection that combines scholarly books from over 435 academic, trade and professional publishers. It also includes government documents. Additionally, Ebook Central offers a wide variety of content across many subject areas, especially in business and social science. Ebook Central continues to add quality eBooks and other authoritative titles to their selection from the world’s leading academic and professional publishers.


Over 10,000 full text, peer-reviewed journals and over 16,000 abstracted and indexed titles. Access to 8 major databases: Academic Search Premier; Business Source Premier ERIC; Masterfile Premier; Newspaper Source; Health Source Nursing Academic; Health Source Consumer Edition; Medline.

Free Book Centre

This portal focuses primarily on academic material. Free Book Centre contains links to thousands of free online technical books and other subject areas, which include: Computer Science, Arts, Religion, Church Administration, Languages, Fiction and Cooking.

NCBI Bookshelf

Bookshelf provides free online access to books and documents in Life Science and Healthcare. Access is via keyword search or Browse Titles or New Releases. In the keyword search tool, other access options (limits) include Subjects, Types and Publishers. Search results contain the PDFs of books, collections, databases, documentations and reports.

Google Books

This search tool contains an extensive list of material from the Google Library Project and Partner Programmes covering Arts, Religion, Church Administration and Languages. Google books has a keyword search key plus several search tools (limit) options. Search results will include full-text e-books and also chapters/sections of a book on that topic. Links (citations) can be stored in a personal Google Account.

Law books

Our free online law books provide students with a unique view on the subject of evidence, proof and justice.



Free or low cost access to major scientific journals in agriculture and related biological, environmental and social sciences for public academic institutions in developing countries.
[Password required. Visit the Library or contact for assistance]

African Journals On-Line (AJOL)

Tables of contents and abstracts of over 250 African journals with document delivery.

African Portal

The Africa Portal is an online resource that seeks to broaden the availability, accessibility and use of policy research on issues critical to the future of Africa. It is a collaborative project between the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA).

American Institute of Physics

AIP publishes 12 journals, 2 magazines, and a conference proceedings series. Their Scitation platform hosts over 2 million articles from more than 200 scholarly publications for 28 learned society publishers

American Physical Society

American Physical Society has agreed to partner with INASP to make their electronic content available at no charge to education, research and not-for-profit organizations within your country.

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews publications operate as a high quality filter, prioritizing and synthesizing the primary research literature in 37 different disciplines for the Biomedical, Life, Physical and Social Sciences.

Beech Tree Publications 

Two international, peer-reviewed academic journals on Public policy for science and technology and Research evaluation

Bioline International

Subjects covered: public health, international development, tropical medicine, food and nutritional security and biodiversity.

British Psychological Press

11 international peer-reviewed journals offer the latest original research to psychology academics and professionals worldwide, and help to advance and disseminate psychological knowledge in line with the British Psychological Society’s primary objectives.

Canadian Law Reports

Directory of Open Access Resources (OpenDOAR)

OpenDOAR is an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories. Each OpenDOAR repository has been visited by project staff to check the information that is recorded here. This in-depth approach does not rely on automated analysis and gives a quality-controlled list of repositories.

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals
This database contains free, full content, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. And covers all subjects and languages.

Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Access to the world’s widest range of Management, Library and Information Science Journals.

Find Articles

Geological Society
The Lyell Collection is an electronic collection of new and archival journal, Special Publication and book content, published by the Geological Society of London. It contains key peer-reviewed Earth science literature of the highest quality

Global Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Search

Search the 5,007,869 electronic theses and dissertations contained in the NDLTD archive:

IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL)

Access the IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL), which provides access to nearly 2 million full-text documents in electrical engineering and computer science.

Ingenta Connect

The home of scholarly research, Ingenta Connect is your gateway to the world’s most comprehensive collection of academic & professional digital content. It’s a comprehensive database of multidisciplinary, academic and professional research. It has millions of article citations and provides users with access to subscriptions in electronic format.

IMF eLibrary

Access to fulltime-text journal articles available as searchable, scanned page images from Access to full-text journal articles available as searchable, scanned page images from over 800 important scholarly journals in 48 disciplines

Liebert Online


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development provides access to 18 source OECD Books, 24 Source OECD Periodicals, Source OECD Statistics (large range of topics from Agriculture), IEA Statistics (including Energy Prices and Taxes World Energy Statistics and Balances etc). Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is the world’s largest think-tank, renowned for its authoritative, internationally comparable statistics, analysis, and outlooks in Economics, Public Policy, Social Sciences and Environmental issues


Oxfam GB publishes a range of books on development and humanitarian issues in partnership with Practical Action Publishing. Oxfam also publishes Gender & Development journal, and provides access to articles from Development in Practice journal. All journal articles and many of the books are available to download free.

Oxford University Press

Oxford Journals publishes journals from science, technical, professional, medical, humanities, arts and social science disciplines.

Nature and Palgrave MacMillan Journals

Palgrave Macmillan offer a combined portfolio of 75 peer-reviewed e-journals.

Policy Press

The Policy Press publishes three highly prestigious journals in the fields of public and social policy and is a leading specialist social science publisher committed to journals that will have an impact on research, learning, policy and practice at an international level.


Research4Life is a public-private partnership of the FAO, WHO, UNEP, WIPO, Cornell University, Yale University, the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical (STM) Publishers and up to 185 international scientific publishers. The goal of Research4Life is to reduce the knowledge gap between high-income countries and low and middle-income countries by providing affordable access to high quality scientific research. Since 2002, the five programmes – Research in Health (Hinari), Research in Agriculture (AGORA), Research in the Environment (OARE) Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI), Research for Global Justice (GOALI) – have provided researchers from more than 8,500 institutions in more than 115 low- and middle-income countries with free or low-cost online access to up to 85,000 leading journals and books in the fields of health, agriculture, environment, applied sciences and law.


The Royal Society

Seven leading international journals from the Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science. Titles cover the whole of the biological and physical sciences, and include Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the longest-running continuously published journal in the world.

Sage Online Journals

Over 550 journals in the business, humanities, social sciences and STM.


Springers eJournals cover a wide range of subjects including biomedicine and the life sciences, clinical medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, human sciences, social sciences and economics.

Southern Africa Legal Information Institute

Symposium Journals

Symposium Journals is a pioneer in the publication of online-only academic journals, i.e. journals that have no printed editions but otherwise have the same aims, traditions, standards, and presentation as conventional journals

University of Chicago Press

The University of Chicago Press publishes nearly fifty scholarly journals, many on behalf of some of the world’s most prestigious societies, and several that were the first scholarly publications in their respective fields. The journals present original research from international scholars in the social sciences, humanities, education, biological and medical sciences, and physical sciences.

Taylor and Francis eBestseller packages

Access over 66,000 ebooks from across the Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Behavioural Sciences, Built Environment and Law.


Wiley-Blackwell Synergy Content: 

Wiley is a leading international resource for scientific, technical, medical and scholarly content providing access to over 3 million articles across 1400 journals.

Wiley InterScience
Access to over 840 leading learned journals in science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences.

World Bank Publications

  • Africa Development Indicators is the premier data source on the African economy. It contains over 1,400 indicators and time series from 1965 for 53 countries
  • Global Economic Monitor is a “one-stop shop” portal for analysis of current economic trends, and economic and financial indicators
  • Global Development Finance Online offers external debt and financial flow data for over 129 countries
  • World Development Indicators is the premier data source on the global economy
  • World Bank E-Library is an online, fully cross-searchable portal of over 5,000 World Bank documents. The collection consists of over 2,000 World Bank publications and over 3,200 Policy Research Working Papers, plus each new book and paper as they are published.

Free Online Legal Sources

Encyclopaedia Britannica

  • Oxford Reference Online – Oxford Reference Online includes over 1.4 million entries across 27 subject areas, everything from architecture to zoology. It offers the very best in quick reference information together with authoritative, in-depth articles by top academics and experts. It also offers excellent functionality, and a wide range of additional material such as maps, illustrations and timelines.
  • Oxford English Dictionary Online – Oxford English Dictionary Online provides you with unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of more than 600,000 words (past and present) from across the English-speaking world.
  • Dictionary.Com 
  • Cambridge Online Dictionary  – The most popular online dictionary and thesaurus for learners of English.
  • Encyclopaedia.Com  – has more than 100 trusted sources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses with facts, definitions, biographies, synonyms, pronunciation keys, word origins, and abbreviations.
  • Wikipedia
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library – Business