Information literacy skills now on board.


Great Zimbabwe University Library will start offering examinable Information Literacy Skills (ILS) programme in February 2017 to all undergraduate students. This was after the University Senate approved the incorporation of the ILS programme into the Introduction to Computers and Computer Technologies (ICCT100) module. The new module title would be the called; Introduction to Computer Technologies and Information Literacy (ICTIL100).

Developing lifelong learners is central to the mission of higher education institutions. In this view, Information Literacy Skills (ILS) and knowledge are essential in a global information environment characterized by constant change, innovation and a multiplicity of formats and media, and an explosion in the amount of information of variable quality. The ILS programme, though designed for undergraduate students at Great Zimbabwe University, is also useful for graduate students and staff.

The ILS programme is intended to develop students to appreciate the theoretical and practical understanding of Information Literacy Skills and its concepts. Information Literacy is increasingly becoming important in the contemporary environment due to technological change and proliferating information resources. Individuals are faced with diverse, abundant information choices in their academic studies due to the escalating complexity of this environment. Effective use of this information requires relevant skills, which stretch beyond the simple technical skills of using specific databases or sources.

After completing this Information Literacy Skills course, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness and analytical use of information collections and services.
  •  Implement search strategy in appropriate information resources and databases
  • Evaluate various retrieved information resources, synthesize, use and cite for research